Ed's 60th Birthday - June 2004

Ed and Jeff  (right) have been quiet heros to me for a long time.  When I was first coming out, I would see them in the Castro at a time that preceded any 'Bear consciousness'.  They had an attractive charisma and confident air that even then I admired.  I wanted to come to know them, which did come to pass.  They (and I) survived the 80's and the 90's, so it was a treat to be party to Ed's 60th Birthday.  All of us attending are survivors of those times.  It was a special event at that, celebrated by city and state proclamation from both an attending San Francisco Supervisor and local gay assemblyman Mark Leno.  So you can imagine that talk veered also to the political as gay interest are challenged in State politics while under Governor Arnold's watch.

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Ed's B-Day 2004

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