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I periodically receive e-mail messages asking me questions either about my photography, or about me.  I can't always respond to these e-mails so I thought some information here may satisfy the curious.


About ME!     Here are some personal and family photos, the cat (of course) and a little history into who I am.

About My Photography!   Q&A about how I take pictures.

And a couple of Comments:

The people I photograph.  Hey, these are just regular guys; only a very few are really gods  ;>)  . Please refrain from asking for contact information on the guys whose pictures you see.  As a matter of principal and courtesy, I don't give out e-mail addresses.  I am not a dating service; and to the extent I can relay messages, I really don't have the time to do this with any consistency.  What I do is already very time-consuming and very expensive to maintain.  You can meet guys likes these by attending events that may be in your area, or by joining local social groups.  Many contacts for people and clubs can be found on Bear Quay, Resources for Bears, Chub Quay and Chub Net.

What is the Calendar for these events?  The calendar for these events often changes.  Also, what events I can attend vary from year to year according to whim and my budget.  You can refer to the above noted resources and the links on my main page for further information.  This year, I am sticking close to the west coast, as my house has become a big effort.

AND: PUHLEAZE respect my copyrighted material.  Copying, posting, reselling or any other use of this material without my approval is prohibited by law, and just plain rude.  If you are interested in using my images, please write me!  Better yet, buy something!  However, Web Links are encouraged.  Thank you!

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