Orchids Through The Lens

Finally, I have uploaded a few of my macros photos of orchids that I have been nurturing about the house.  In addition to my male fauna pictures, I enjoy macro photography of flowering plants, as well as scenic nature and sky views, and of course the endless series of pictures of my kitty.  On this page are a few successful images of orchids.  These pictures were taken in my San Francisco flat or on my deck using available light, a Sigma macro lens and a Minolta SLR.  These images were the result of directly scanning the film negatives into digital images.  In many cases I have been having fun working with sun backlighting the petals.

These images are available for sale in the form of note cards or larger prints for anyone interested.  This is not a big time operation at this time, so if you are interested, I will respond to inquiries on an individual basis.  I am hoping to have a gallery showing of some of this work sometime in the next year in the San Francisco area.  As I clean up my web space, I will be posting additional pictures of a floral or landscape nature.

Copyright Notice:  At the request of a few people interested in the images as art, I have not included my copyright on the pictures posted here.  However, copyright is still in effect.  Please do not copy, print or post any of these pictures without my permission.  These images are both precious and valuable to me, so please respect that they are my intellectual property and are protected by copyright law and common courtesy.   However, links to my web page are encouraged.  Enjoy!


 MILTONIA RED 2.jpg (67976 bytes)      ONC YELLOW 1.jpg (55372 bytes)     BRAZZIA  DANCER 1.jpg (85008 bytes) 

WHITE PHALO 1.jpg (54034 bytes)          ONC RED WHITE 2.jpg (97794 bytes)         DENDROB RED 3.jpg (47942 bytes)


DENDROB HABIT.jpg (48098 bytes)           GREEN BLUE 2.jpg (64342 bytes)


 ONC RED WHITE 1.jpg (81912 bytes)          GREEN DEN B.jpg (76185 bytes)


 PHALO MISC12.jpg (70448 bytes)



Orchids Through The Lens

copyright 1999

Lynn S. Ludwig