Stewart & Bill Visit 2003

You know you have friends when they are willing to drive 6 hours Friday evening to visit for two days and leave Sunday afternoon for the six hour return trip.  So Bill and Stewart must be friends for this.  We had a relaxing stress-free weekend visiting and playing tourists in this nature trove about me.  We each enjoy photography so spent time shooting my garden, a local nursery's open space and beyond the redwoods in the back of Armstrong Woods State Park.  A simple weekend, but an opportunity to share images of my home and the area which I now call home.  If ever you wonder why I left San Francisco after 16 years, here is one of the answers.

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Western Hills Garden Nursery:  This nursery located near picturesque Occidental has about 2+ acres of developed landscaping making for a parkland of paths through naturalized plantings.  The nursery itself specializes in the unusual perennial and annual plants.


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