Stewart & Bill Visit 2004

I've seen  Bill and Stewart in the iterim, but getting them up north is a six hour drive for them, so such visitations are cheerished.  We started the weekend with a trip to a Sebastopol bamboo nursery folllowed by a stop to California Carnivores (plants, that is); however, I wasn't in a camera mood (!!), so it wasn't until we hit Jenner by the Sea that I started snapping.

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By the Sea, By The Sea                             [Help Support ShutterBear]

A Big Draw at Jenner are the seas lions lounging like tourists on Coney Island.  As the adults sun-bathe, the pups play in the estuary.  If you look closely in the first pic below, you can see one such pup, which was rolling in on the pebbly sand with the incoming tide -- too cute.



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StewartBill 2004

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